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Alpha Connect Computing for Enterprise is an industrial company specialized in the electronics industry incorporating M2M/IoT communication technologies, research and development and embedded electronic systems.

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ACCENT was founded in 2018 , it is an industrial medium-sized company specialized in research and development and embedded electronic systems incorporating M2M/IoT communication technologies. Besides their business as a leading manufacturer of embedded electronic systems ,ACCENT aims to handle and industrialize M2M and IoT solutions.

Geolocalisation and tracking

Tracking a vehicle's whereabouts using GPS, web application, WiFi or a combination of these. Both mobile and desktop devices can use geolocalisation.

Metering solution

Taking control of where and when your business is using gas, electricity.Therefore, reducing the cost of your utilities through efficiency gains.

Smart cities

Electricity management systems, transportation systems, energy and power grids, and general city wide operations are optimized, thereby reducing waste.

Industry 4.0

Computers and automation solutions and enhancements with smart and autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning.

Our experienced team, and the duration of our technical resources, places us at the forefront of new developments in the field. At ACCENT, having experienced and talented people on board, makes it very simple and natural to satisfy our clients and meet their needs. Great experience, coordination, and qualification rooted in the work force of ACCENT have been a key point of difference in electronic design, industrial subcontracting and software development since its inception. Our team consists of young, skilled and professional work force, who work with devotion in partnership with ACI in Tunisia to each project undertaken by us, to conclude successfully. The extraordinary teamwork of our team members helps us to meet the diverse needs of our customers by delivering the best .

Our solutions

ACCENT proposes several solutions in the field of M2M communication and IoT.


"TRACI" is a complete tracking solution, it can be deployed through SMS, mobile phone, or web browser. I-Fleet is a modular solution that improves your tracking experience by a set of functionalities.


TRICITY is a full efficient energy use solutions, it allows you to be aware of every milliampere used in your activity, cursen is very simple to deploy and it can be connected through RF, CAN, WiFi and GSM.


It is a Vessels Monitoring System based on SAT communication, this solution can be deployed to economize connections bandwidth by smart switching between SAT and GPRS connections.

Our services


Our experience in providing end-to-end system expertise, offering both consulting and solutions around system engineering, Our services in the system engineering space include a unique value proposition, bringing specialized expertise to the table.

Hardware engineering

We deliver hardware products/studies across industries having in-house test labs to validate products before integration. We also consider compliance and certification as a key part of our operations.
Embedded software

Software engineering

We can tailor processes for your projects or enterprise business solutions that will ensure that business activities are aligned with your corporate goals in a cost-efficient manner.
Web application
Mobile application

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